Friday, January 16, 2009

Loving Yourself

CARESS: Keys to nurturing Yourself

COMPASSION: Having compassion is a healing method that is a link to the place where you hurt

ACCEPTANCE: Is aligned with compassion. When you respond to yourself with compassion, you are accepting your imperfections. No matter what be there for yourself, don't beat yourself up.

RESPECT: Is the way you treat yourself and are treated by other people determined by your perceived value of yourself. When you feel worthy of respect you get it.

ENCOURAGEMENT: Helps you set goals, values, and beliefs that you can attain. Affirmations are a great way to validate yourself and your efforts, and your self worth.

SUPPORT: You cannot rely on others to give you support. When there is no one else there you must know that when things get bad you are at the root of the love and support you need.

STROKING: Allow yourself to be receptive to all the wonderful things available to you and relish the moment.

Your objective is to produce personal and professional growth. Negative self talk diminishes your self esteem and results in feelings of failure.

Source: Carolynn Hillmann

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