Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Norine's Valentine Day Story

Norine, a dear friend gave me permission to post her story about Valentine's Day. I love her honest sharing about how happy she was for a neighbor who was experiencing the joy of sharing Valentine's Day with a loved one and her hopes for herself in the future. I love when as women we can be happy for each other as we find joy with a mate. Those who sit in envy and do not share joys of others are missing out.

Norine's Story

My emotions have evolved during Valentine's Day in these last sevens years. Being single for about that long, those years were saturated with mixed emotions evolving from frustration, sadness and/or depression to indifference and disregard, to simply a day to enjoy with family and friends... and sometimes it was simply just another day for me.

This time, I saw Valentine's Day as just another day and only felt an inkling of sadness... And as the day wore on, I was busy with things to do and places to go, and then suddenly without realizing it, I had completely forgotten it was Valentine's day... until I received a surprise knock at my door.

My neighbor, Janaia, delightfully surprised me with the biggest and prettiest heart shaped and flower shaped balloons... To hear a knock at my door (I rarely ever have guests) and to be presented with a set of large pretty, red balloons definitely widened my smile and accented my day!

After saying one thousand and seven thank you's I asked my neighbor who else did she think of on this Valentine's Day. I knew her hubby and she would do something special. But, I was sure she thought of other people besides me, as well. To my surprise, she said she just thought of me on this day and commenced to wishing me a Happy Valentine's Day. I really felt special! She gave me a quick hug and hurried away to get ready for her date with her hubby. She is no longer my neighbor. I now consider her a dear friend.

Though there's no love of my life or males vying for my attention, it's nice to know that I was on someone's mind and a kind thought was expressed.

As she hurried away, I wished her a wonderful evening with her anticipated 'special' date and whispered to myself that maybe it will be me one day going on a date with my own hubby. But, while I'm waiting, I'll share some love and some of my time with others. Because it's not about me. It's about love.

Happy Valentine's Day!
Though I don't know you, I love you...

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