Sunday, September 11, 2011

Where Were You September 11th, 2001?

9/11 Gallery @ Newseum
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The September 11th, 2001 acts of terrorism have been prevalent in the news and have brought back some painful memories. It has been difficult to look at the pictures and videos again and listen to the newscasters review the events. The past week I have been going over in my head what I was doing the day America was attacked by terrorist. I can recall every detail.

Living in Peekskill, NY about 45 minutes from New York City as I sat in my bedroom preparing for work the phone rang. This phone call and what I heard and saw next would change the way I thought about people and taught me something about myself. A girlfriend Barbara asked, “Are you watching the news, a plane crashed into the Twin Towers.” I responded, “No” and immediately turned the channel on the television. What I saw made my jaw drop. One of the Twin Towers had smoke coming out of part of the building. Out of the corner of my eye I noticed that a plane was flying closer to the buildings. I remember thinking, “my goodness what are those people on the flight going to think as they ride by the Twin Towers seeing it up close in this condition.” Then as I watched the television the plane crashed into the other tower. I could not believe it! Part of my brain was telling me this is not happening, this is no accident. It took a few minutes to tune into the news commentator’s remarks that this was an attack and that two planes had purposely flown into the Twin Towers. With eyes filling up with tears I became tense and fearful. I immediately started calling family that lived close to the city to inquire of their whereabouts. Everyone was overwhelmed with emotion but all were safe.

Eventually made it to work plagued with what was going on in New York City. Needless to say the Twin Towers was the main topic of the day and for weeks to come. One of my co-workers lost his son in the Twin Towers we found out a few days later. Then as the days went by almost everyone I encountered either lost a friend or family member in the towers or knew someone who had lost someone on 9/11.

Psychological Effect

For a long time what happened to the Twin Towers changed my thinking in a way that I was disappointed in. The next time I flew on a plane I focused on people who looked Middle Eastern. I was nervous on my flight when I saw that two men who sat a few seats in front me favored that culture in looks. I began to pray that we would be safe and I prayed to God that I would not become someone I do not respect a “prejudiced person.” It took a while to remove the fear and not judge and to recall what I had learned about the Islamic faith. I reminded my self that the religion Islam does not support such terrorist acts. I had discussions with others about how all through history men and woman have committed horrendous crimes against others in the name of religion. As painful as it is to remember 9/11 it is with respect and honor that I do not allow myself to forget those who died that day and years later as America went to war as well as the suffering of the families that have been left behind.

Where were you doing September 11th, 2001? Please share here.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Senior on Senior Scams

Elderly couple
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An article in AARP’s September/October magazine discussed the rise of aging scammers targeting other seniors. The article states that seniors appear to be more trusting of senior scammers who present to identify with the financial concerns of older people. Jenni Bergal author of the article stated that a popular fraud targeting senior citizens is the Ponzi schme. The Ponzi scam was named after Charles Ponzi a notorious scammer in 1920, and who could forget Bernie Madoff who in 2008 swindled millions from trusting investors.

How the Ponzi scheme works is that potential investors are guaranteed high returns on his/her funds and assured that there are no risks. The scammer then pays off investors with money received from new investors while living off the bulk of the money received. While the scammer continues to recruit new investors the well can run dry. When not enough investors come on board to keep the scammers lifestyle and provide money to give out to some investors the scammer usually disappears if not caught by the law.


1)  If it sounds too good to be true walk away
2)  Do your research don’t let greed or false hope make the decision for you. Contact your state securities
     agency for further information about any person or company that presents investment opportunities to you.
3) Take your time don’t allow yourself to be rushed. Being impulsive can cost you your life savings like it has
     so many.

Not too long ago I watched a report on television about a man who scammed a few church pastors and their congregations out of thousands of dollars. No one is off limit. Our present economic climate has made many afraid of the future. This fear is resulting in poor decision-making. We must all educate ourselves when presented with information and request for our assets.

Have you or someone you know been approached with a too good to be true offer? If so please comment here and help others.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Breaking News - Earthquake!

Breaking News - Earthquake!
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August 23, 2011 5.9 Earthquake where were you? I was visiting my mom. Unfortunately my stomach was hurting all morning and I was just about to resolve the problem, "you know what I mean" when all of a sudden the house began to shake. I knew almost immediately that we were experiencing an earthquake having felt one in New York over thirty years ago. It was scary! By the time we got out of the house all of our neighbors were outside looking as perplexed as I felt.

Here are some tips on what the experts say to do when caught in an earthquake:

1) Stay away from glass and hanging objects
2) Try to get under a heavy piece of furniture
3) Shield your face and head from falling debris
4) Don't use candles use a flashlight

For more tips go to the Center for Disease Control website

Emergency preparedness is important so visit the CDC website and bring your awareness up.

Where were you and what were you doing when the earthquake hit your area on August 23rd?

Friday, August 5, 2011

Are You Solution Oriented?

Every time I see this video I laugh so hard like I am seeing it for the first time.  I mean really at first it appears to be ridiculous that anyone let alone two people would just stand there on the escalator and holler for help vs. start walking off of the escalator.  Then I thought about the times I could not immediately find the remote control so I sat there and watched a show for about twenty minutes that I had no interest in. It was not that I did not want to get up and use the button to turn the channel.  The reality is that for a few minutes I felt hopeless and helpless without the remote and the thought had not as yet crossed my mind that there was another way.

This also brought back a funny memory for me from childhood. Truthfully it wasn't so funny then.  Did anyone of you ever experience being the remote control for your parents?  Thank goodness we did not have a very large house so I did not have to walk so far to come change the channel for my dad.

The main thing this video reminded me is to not allow myself to be "stuck on stupid", not to get so complacent with the same old things that I forget to be creative and to think outside of the box.  If something that used to work stops working it is not the end of the world.  It just means it is time for newer things, some progressive ideas and I have been chosen at that time to develop and implement a new concept, process, method, etc.

I would love to hear about your thoughts on this video.  How do you get into the solution when you are stuck?

Friday, July 29, 2011

Medicaid and the Elderly

Elderly People sign
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I read an interesting and helpful article written by Betty Booker in BOOMER Magazine. BOOMER magazine is one of my favorite local publications. Resourceful and identifies who, what and where to go when you need help. Ms. Booker’s article did not disappoint. Having an elderly mother who is practically home bound due to severe pain this article helped me figure some things that have been bothering me regarding the best way to help my mom.
My mother talks about Medicare being an unfair system. As well as how frustrating it is to get clarity when there are changes to policy. She shares all the time that what is clear is that Medicare consistently cuts benefits. After reading this article I learned that the elderly experience similar complications with Medicaid.
What I learned from Ms. Booker’s article:
1)Medicare pays for at-home insurance for some over the age of 65 for up to 100 days post hospitalization rehabilitation and skilled nursing care
2)Medicaid pays for at-home care if the individual cannot perform two-six activities of daily living.
3)The laws and regulations for Medicaid are complex and Ms. Booker suggest that people consult with an elder law attorney and plan ahead for these types of assistance eligibility
It is a shame that our country does not take better care of our elderly. If you would like to get more information on this topic, you can contact Ms. Booker at

Do have an elderly person in your life that is struggling with medical assistance? If so, please share

Friday, May 13, 2011

Thirty-One Days of Power

I do not believe in coincidences. This book came to me during a time in my life that I was having a difficult time Letting Go Let God.  On a daily basis each day the message was appropriate, fitting, right on time and powerful. Making a commitment to discipline myself to read the messaged daily was at first hard but with each message I realized that each morning my first step of the day needed to be turning the pages of this book.  A must have, "Thirty-One Days" of Amazing Grace!

~I received this book for free from WaterBrook Multnomah Publishing Group for this review.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: Life In Spite of Me

Overview: Kristen at a young age experienced tragic events that caused her to become depressed and emotionally unstable. Not knowing how to process her grief Kristen chose a path that was extreme and for many would have been fatal. Kristen attempted to kill herself by lying on the train tracks near her home.  Losing both her legs might have pushed Kristen further into depression; however, on her journey to healing Kristen began to realize that her life has purpose with God’s Grace.  Painful as the journey was Kristen began to pray to God for guidance on how she could use her experience to help others.
 My Thoughts: When I read the jacket of the book tears came to my eyes. I immediately felt compassion for what Kristen must have gone through.  I had no idea that what was about to be revealed to me was faith on a level that most may not understand unless he/she has experienced a tragedy.  Kristen’s story was a constant reminder to me to be grateful and that when faced with adversity God is with me.  This amazing and inspiring book takes you through the Kristen’s process to get to the other side of her sorrow and obtain the strength to share with others without shame. Kristen’s special messages throughout the book encourage and empower people of all ages. 
Book provided free for review by the Waterbrookmultnomah

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Soldiers Don't Cry

Female flag officers honor first woman four-star
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I was watching the news last night and was so stunned to hear that in the year 2009 more than 3,000 women in the military had been sexually assaulted. It was disheartening to hear the women discuss how those who do report these incidents usually go without any justice taking place.

Most women it is suspected do not report sexual assault fearing reprisal from their male peers. We must as USA citizen care about the safety of all of our members of the military.

What do you think would be the best way to support the women in our military service?

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Can A Peach be a Blessing?

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"Life is better than death, I believe, if only that it is less boring, and because it has fresh peaches in it." ~Alice Walker

I woke up this morning feeling real funky. Made a mistake the night before. I went to sleep without praying and reading my motivational book. A big set up I admit that. The devil fed on my worries all through the night. Without my foundation I worried in my sleep about things that I know full well are out of my hands.

Tired and moving slow I went about the next day for about four hours when I remembered a support group message I received years ago, "I can start my day all over again at any time." So first I prayed and then I went through one of my favorite empowerment books, "Ebony Power Thoughts" and found the above quote by Alice Walker. The question that followed the quote was: What are some of the greatest gifts in my life right now?

I then thought peaches must be real special to Alice Walker for her to include them in her message about life and death. So I thought, "I love peaches so let me start there." See sometimes you have to let someone feed you some information when you are down and need a jump start. There are times when you have to keep it real simple to get back on track.  You know one step at a time or one minute at a time.  I would never have thought about the simple joy I get out of eating a juicy peach lifting my spirits. Or how the smile I get on my face when I try to keep the tasty juice from spilling on my clothes. To tell you the truth I am not a neat freak I just want to savor every morsel for my tongue where taste buds are having a field day.

By the time I finished thinking about how simple an act of eating a peach could provide such pleasure by God's grace to someone who may not have anything else to hold onto on a low spirited day;  I knew I needed to make my gratitude list. Grateful for the peaches in my life that God has blessed me with.

So I ask you this:

1) When the going gets tough what gets you going?
2) Whats on your gratitude list? Have you included the small joys of life?

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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

#1 Killer of American Women

Heart Disease is the #1 Killer of American Women!

February 1st - February 7th is Womens Heart Week. February 4th is the official "Wear Red Day." Show your support by wearing something red that day.

You can help fight heart disease in women by motivating others and yourself to take the right steps to live a healthier life by educating yourself about this disease.

If you want to know more about this disease go to this site sponsored by the American Heart Disease Association