Monday, February 21, 2011

Book Review: Life In Spite of Me

Overview: Kristen at a young age experienced tragic events that caused her to become depressed and emotionally unstable. Not knowing how to process her grief Kristen chose a path that was extreme and for many would have been fatal. Kristen attempted to kill herself by lying on the train tracks near her home.  Losing both her legs might have pushed Kristen further into depression; however, on her journey to healing Kristen began to realize that her life has purpose with God’s Grace.  Painful as the journey was Kristen began to pray to God for guidance on how she could use her experience to help others.
 My Thoughts: When I read the jacket of the book tears came to my eyes. I immediately felt compassion for what Kristen must have gone through.  I had no idea that what was about to be revealed to me was faith on a level that most may not understand unless he/she has experienced a tragedy.  Kristen’s story was a constant reminder to me to be grateful and that when faced with adversity God is with me.  This amazing and inspiring book takes you through the Kristen’s process to get to the other side of her sorrow and obtain the strength to share with others without shame. Kristen’s special messages throughout the book encourage and empower people of all ages. 
Book provided free for review by the Waterbrookmultnomah

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