Friday, July 29, 2011

Medicaid and the Elderly

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I read an interesting and helpful article written by Betty Booker in BOOMER Magazine. BOOMER magazine is one of my favorite local publications. Resourceful and identifies who, what and where to go when you need help. Ms. Booker’s article did not disappoint. Having an elderly mother who is practically home bound due to severe pain this article helped me figure some things that have been bothering me regarding the best way to help my mom.
My mother talks about Medicare being an unfair system. As well as how frustrating it is to get clarity when there are changes to policy. She shares all the time that what is clear is that Medicare consistently cuts benefits. After reading this article I learned that the elderly experience similar complications with Medicaid.
What I learned from Ms. Booker’s article:
1)Medicare pays for at-home insurance for some over the age of 65 for up to 100 days post hospitalization rehabilitation and skilled nursing care
2)Medicaid pays for at-home care if the individual cannot perform two-six activities of daily living.
3)The laws and regulations for Medicaid are complex and Ms. Booker suggest that people consult with an elder law attorney and plan ahead for these types of assistance eligibility
It is a shame that our country does not take better care of our elderly. If you would like to get more information on this topic, you can contact Ms. Booker at

Do have an elderly person in your life that is struggling with medical assistance? If so, please share

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