Monday, September 5, 2016

Easy Home Basal Thermometer Review

I was pleased when I opened my delivery to see that the thermometer came in a nice handy storage case.  The actual thermometer I felt could be a little smaller at the top. I found it to be a little awkward to handle.  The light I found helpful. I was able to check my readings without waking up hubby by turning on the lamp.  I am a journal writer so I kept my data in my journal but for others Easy Home provides a a well organized and easy to use chart.

What I did have difficult with is setting the date and clock. I followed the direction over and over but each time I clicked the bottom on top of the thermometer I could not change settings because the thermometer would turn off.  So unfortunately I could not set an alarm nor did I hear any beeps to let me know if I had reached a higher or lower reading than was normal based on the instructions in the guide.   Still my readings were accurate and helpful.  By using the thermometer daily I used my readings to assess with other criteria we are analyzing.  I would recommend this product the difficulties I had seemed to be user driven and I will be contacting the manufacturer for assistance. We plan to continue to use.

I have to disclaim that I was given a discount in return for my unbiased View and opinion of this product this in no way changes my opinion

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