Thursday, November 24, 2016

New York Biology Arabica Coffee Scrub

New York Biology Arabica Coffee Scrub

I used this scrub for two weeks on my body.  I was amazed at how it smelled like some of the best coffee I have ever drunk.   My mother kept sniffing the jar saying "wow."  When I first used the scrub on my body I was nervous because other scrubs seemed so rough but that was not the case with this product.  After rinsing off my body my skin felt very smooth.  

Since I like using scrubs my only hope is that the company has a larger size to order.  Like other products I have used by this company, there was no disappointment.  When you get to my age it is important to find products that work otherwise you end up wasting money.

New York Biology gets it and understands the needs of its customers.

I plan on continuing to us this product and at the request of my mom will be getting her a jar she can call her own.

My Daily Regimen

I used the scrub daily #NewYorkBiology in the shower on my body mixing it with pure coconut oil. It did not take much to get the job done and the scrub was not messy like some I have used.

Daily use is necessary because once the cold weather comes my skin gets dry and scaly and lotion only helps so much.  With the combined regimen of using the scrub in the morning and then follow up with lotion I get through the day without feeling dry and my hands don't feel rough.

When the Summer season comes I will be able to use the scrub three times a week as recommended.

If you like coffee you will love the way this aroma sticks with your memory and helps you have an uplifting day.

If you love scrubs you will love the way your skin feels smooth and soft after using.  For those who have not used a scrub before you are in for a treat.

If you like to use only organic products this product is the one to chose.

To get your own and I suggest you do ====> CLICK HERE

As you can see from the picture the jar comes packed to the top with product.